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What is a steel mace? and how could it help you?

Oct 18, 2023

You may have seen online people (myself included) talking up the Steel Mace as the modern rendition of warrior training. Well - I would love to introduce to the mace - offering some brief history of WHY ALL THE STOKE for this new training tool. 

A steel mace, also known as a macebell, is a type of fitness equipment (that has personally evolved my movement practice so much!)  that has gained popularity in recent years for its unique design and the numerous benefits it offers for strength and functional training.

You may see a picture of one and think hmmm 🤔 that looks like a medieval weapon! 

Well, you're not far off!

The mace has a long history that dates back to ancient times. It was originally a weapon used in warfare and combat, with variations found in different cultures, such as the Indian gada and the Persian meel, you will also see similar designs in the tools of the Vikings and other groups in Ireland and other parts of Europe. These weapons were designed with a heavy, long shaft and a heavy head, making them effective for striking and training in martial arts and physical conditioning.


In recent years, the steel mace has been repurposed as a fitness tool, adapted for modern training routines. This transformation from a weapon to a fitness tool has made the mace accessible to people looking to improve their strength and mobility without the combat aspect.


Let's dive into some of the benefits of implementing a steel mace in your strength training tool box!

⭐Functional Strength: Steel mace training is effective for developing functional strength, which means you build strength that translates into real-world activities. The asymmetrical design of the mace forces you to engage your stabilizer muscles and core to control the weight during various exercises.

⭐Improved Grip Strength: Many mace exercises require a strong grip to control the mace's long handle, which can help improve your grip strength and forearm muscles.

⭐Enhanced Mobility and Flexibility: The steel mace allows for a wide range of motion in exercises, helping to improve joint mobility and flexibility, especially in the shoulders, hips, and spine.

⭐Cardiovascular Benefits: Incorporating mace exercises into a high-intensity workout can provide cardiovascular benefits, making it a versatile tool for both strength and conditioning.

⭐Core Stability: Many mace exercises involve rotational movements, which challenge your core muscles and help improve stability and balance.

⭐Mental Focus: Mace training can require a high degree of focus and coordination, making it a mentally engaging form of exercise and helping you to get into flow state quickly. 

⭐Variety in Workouts: The steel mace can add variety to your workout routine, preventing boredom and plateaus in your training progress.

⭐Scalability: Steel maces come in various weights, allowing different fitness levels to scale your workouts accordingly.

⭐Accessibility: While traditional mace training requires specialized maces with heavy heads, the steel mace used in fitness is often filled with a wide variety of weighted balls ranging from 5 lbs - 30llbs  and has a knurled grip, making it more accessible to a wider range of individuals.

When using a steel mace, it's important to learn proper technique and start with an appropriate weight for your current fitness level (usually try starting with a 7llb weight) to avoid injury :) That is where either I or another certified coach come in! I couch beginners in this training modality and LOVE empowering people through movement. Feel free to reach out to me if your interested in chatting more. 



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