Hi! I'm Robyn.


I offer Birth Doula Services to families in Seattle, Renton and the Puget Sound area.


I provide continuous emotional, informational, and physical support before and during labor, as well as shortly after birth. As a Doula I am trained to be YOUR advocate. My goal is to facilitate the healthiest and most satisfying birth experience possible for you and your family. I vow to help keep this experience sacred. 

As a birth doula, I can help answer any questions that may help you gain clarity on your desires for your birth plan. I'm also available to support you and your partner in hard decision making (if needed).


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3 Pre- natal appointments


The intention of these appointments is #1 - for me to get to know you - so that I can be of better service to you at your birth and beyond. 

#2 to clarify your birth preferences by hearing questions and learning concerns!

#3 to practice pain management movements and breathwork as well as prepping you for postpartum time. 


Labor and Birth Support


I will be on call for you starting 2 weeks before your "due date" and 2 weeks after. This means  I will be less than an hour away,  always available by phone, no matter what time of day. 

Once Labor begins, you let me know. I will come to your house, the birth center OR the hospital ( wherever YOU CHOOSE to give birth. 

During labor, I am there to support you in any way you need (physically, emotionally, mentally). I'll also be there advocating for your birth preferences to any medical staff.

After your birth, I'll be with you a few more hours to help with breast feeding, care, and photos if desired. 

Post- Partum Visits


You and I will schedule 2 post partum visits ahead of time. During these sessions, I am at your service in whatever way you need me to be. 

I will help check on your breastfeeding journey, bring you warm meals and be there as an ear to listen while you process your birth and new found role.

The post-partum period is such a crucial time that demands support. I want to provide as much nurturing compassion, warmth and love as I can, while helping you adjust to this new time in your life. 

Who is Robyn?


Robyn has been providing care since she can remember. She has over 12 years experience in child care and supporting mothers. Robyn has undergone education via two Birth Doula programs in the past 8 years via Bastyr University & The Doula School. She has been actively working with pregnant women teaching Prenatal Yoga & Fitness at FIT4MOM located in south Seattle. 

Robyn loves to dance, being in nature and cultivating community through creative art. She has a great love for the process of pregnancy, birth and watching the transformation of entering parenthood.  

Along side being a Birth Doula, Robyn is a Yoga and fitness  Instructor, a performing dance artist, dance teacher, and child care specialist. She has co-producer of many community events such as the Salish Sea Butoh Festival.

Robyn leads with calm and loving kindness to cultivate relationships that are playful, trusting and honest. She believes that her role as a Doula is to EMPOWER the women and families she works with to follow their innate wisdom, trust in their own process and maintain the sense of peace and joy this journey calls for. 

She is honored you are here - visiting this page!


If you are interested in learning more and scheduling a time to meet with Robyn to see if we will be a good fit - please fill out this form and I will respond with 48 hours

From Lisa- A past Doula Client:
"Robyn is a great doula as her calm, grounded, open minded, friendly, supportive and holistic way of approaching a situation helps you to maneuver more relaxed through pregnancy /birth/ postpartum and all the craziness around it."

INVESTMENT: Birth Doula Fee - $1,600.

I Have a few sliding scale options as well for those in need of assistance. 

Get your free guide for wellness tips during pregnancy

In this downloadable PDF I break down each trimester, what is happening hormonally and what you may be experiencing. I then offer tips specifically for each trimester (including birth and postpartum) so you have some guidelines of a few things to focus on :)

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