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Creating connection to body-mind-heart & baby through wholistic movement coaching!

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Hi! I'm Robyn. 

Holistic Movement Specialist and Birth Support Professional


I use movement to cultivate Joy and empower wellness so that we can move into living a thriving life! 



How Yoga changed my life and it can change yours too

Create the life you deserve of health, vitality and functionality through movement coaching

1-on-1 coaching

Robyn offers personal training and private coaching both in person and online. She has been trained in program design, to help design a very personal roadmap to moving towards your goals. We start always with a consultation session which includes a functional movement screen to identify your goals both physically, emotionally and behaviorally. With over 10 years of teaching experience, Robyn brings a vast amount of expertise to you achieving your goals. 


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Online Membership

This online movement membership is for those who which to train in community and from the comfort of their living room. There are 2 live steel mace HIIT classes a week over zoom, plus 1 workshop a month, as well as access to a private library of classes so you have your movement education at your fingertips. This membership also comes with 1X/month accountability and behavioral change coaching to keep you accountable to achieving your goals. 


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Private Prenatal Training + Birth Doula services

Robyn is both a certified birth doula + certified prenatal yoga instructor who also has training with the fit4baby model of strength training during pregnancy. If you are interested in being supported during pregnancy with either birth doula services, private or group prenatal yoga + personal training - read on!

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“Robyn created a space for everyone to feel safe in their body. Her own expressiveness allowed for the whole group of women to feel fully expressed as well. She was able to read the groups energy and curate a personalized movement journey that was unique and deeply healing. Robyn’s sense of professionalism and authentic expression is truly one of a kind. Will be dancing with her again!”

- Shauna, Organizer of Wild Women’s Retreat, participant in group movemeent session

“I'm so grateful I followed my instinct to commit to Robyn's 12 Week Steel Mace, (gentle, yet bad ass) Series. It was so natural to be at ease and playful with Robyn that I found it easy to commit to sticking with learning new movements and practices. Robyn is that rare combination of presence, non-judgement, deep care, playfulness, and practical knowledge. Both my brain and body got to experience growth in skills and capacity while engaging in fun, gentle commitments. Robyn is generous with her guidance and in depth knowledge of the body and the nervous system. You will thank yourself for listening to your intuition to work and play with her. “ -Andrea Crimmins

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

"I am feeling a lot more outright joy, confidence, and hope for the future than I have in a long time. Physically, my strength, flexibility, and stamina has improved much more in 3 months than I thought possible! I enjoy the exertion and accomplishment of the steel mace training sessions and I can now go for jogs with my friends and not need to slow down to catch my breath. I can look in the mirror and see my body getting stronger and more poised. This program has increased my confidence and joy for life and would recommend to anyone looking for those things!" - Chris Shaeffer

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Empowered Wellness

Comprehensive movement training geared towards improving posture, back pain and developing discipline that empowers you to take your health and wellness into your own hands!

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