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3 tips from a 97 year old to live a healthy and happy life

Dec 14, 2022

Hi There,

I recently  had the honor and privilege to spend a week with a loved ones great grandmother, who is 97 years old and the biggest gem I have the privilege to spend time with in a long time.

She is legend in their family for her health, spunk and positive attitude on life. She escaped the common diseases most elders unfortunately endure such as heart disease, cancer, lung disease, diabetes ect.  Still in good health, still lives alone in her house, she dances, and moves well.

After spending lots of time chatting, observing and gleaning her life wisdom, I thought I'd share 3 lessons I learned from her for living a healthy and happy life. 

1) "You are your own doctor". 

Take responsibility of your health daily, that includes the food you eat, the exercise you do and the thoughts you allow in your head and trust what your body tells you. 

  • Do your exercises everyday to keep your bones and joints working good (yes she still at 97 is doing her morning stretches, she can touch her toes!)
  • Every day eat your fruits and vegetables with every meal, maybe even include a clove of raw garlic each day to ward off any sickness. ;) 
  • Trust in being led by God, your highest self, source to guide your way to the life that is meant for you. 

2) "Take at least 1 vacation a year".

Her advice, make sure you set aside money each month for your vacation. No matter how much money you make you always put away a little each month. Go some where other than home - just to BE, doesn't have to be fancy. To get out of your daily rhythm and have the space and time to just sit in silence. This is how we can reset.  

3) "If you love someone, you will learn how to make it work". Love requires you to show up, in person and create the systems to help your unique relationships thrive. She spoke of the importance of spending quality time with your loved ones (even if they live far away) so you can truly know them, watch them grow and change. 

Moving forward, I urge any and all of you reading this to spend time with the elders in your life. Allow yourself to relax in their presence, ask them questions, see what wisdom they have to share. 

The video in this blog is a follow along brain and body warm up to keep moving everyday! Enjoy!



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