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We meet 2X a week LIVE on zoom to learn, move, sweat and flow. Come Join our online community in developing a strong practice in steel mace vinyasa. Learning with ancient tools + modern knowledge to create a consistent movement practice geared to get you out of pain and into more energy and aliveness.


Currently we meet every Tuesday + Friday at 7am PST ** Times subject to change 


What's Included in the membership?

1. Access to 8 live small group classes a month/ 2X a week.


2. Online library of ALL recorded classes for you to do at home


3. A functional movement screen every 3 months to see your transformations


4. Accountability + personalized coaching each  month with Robyn


5. A community of friendly and fierce at home movement warriors to encourage your practice!


6. Monthly SKILL building workshop to gain skills in steel mace swings and transitions



Who is this for?

Steel mace vinyasa is an accessible movement modality for any level of athlete - whether you are in your 30's or all the way up to your 90's and beyond. If your looking for a way to gain mobility, strength and endurance all in the same practice- this is for you. 

Join for only 125$ a month. (minimum 3 month commitment to help create more consistency and sustainability in your practice)

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From Mary:

This is the best thing I've ever done for myself". 


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I've been learning and practicing with steel mace for 9 month now - I feel stronger than ever. My join pain is gone and I am always so excited to come to class - an exercise I actually ENJOY!



Moving and learning steel mace vinyasa has given me so much more CONFIDENCE in myself. I feel myself getting stronger, improving my balance and overall just having more energy. 


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With over 10 years of teaching experience, Robyn brings you top notch coaching and promises to show up for YOU in the ways you are needing. 

Let's get moving!